Who are we?

PAC is a French company that has been an expert in the remanufacturing and repair of cylinder head for more than 30 years. It sells its exchange cylinder heads, as well as new cylinder heads and all their spare parts. It also proposes the repair to measure your cylinder head no matter the type of intervention (test, rectification, welding...). It is also able to accompany you in the modification, preparation or production of a single cylinder head or a small series of cylinder heads.
An expert in aluminium welding and precision machining, PAC has extended its know-how from the cylinder head to the repair, processing and manufacture of mechanical parts, and proposes all the services of precision mechanics and prototyping for all types of products.

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Aluminum welding

With more than 30 years of experience in the reconstruction and prototyping of cylinder heads, PAC has developed a solid expertise in aluminium welding.
The applications of our welding service are multiple: assembly of parts, transformation or modification of a part by addition of material, repair of a broken element or simply reconstruction of a worn part... All these operations are possible for aluminium cylinder heads, but also for any other type of aluminium parts, such as housings, flanges or the like. Our know-how is not limited to "automotive" parts, it is valid for any sector of activity and use, in particular industrial equipment or heavy vehicles for example.

PAC also offers precision mechanics and prototyping services for all types of mechanical parts

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