PAC is your Expert all cylinder heads Around three trades.

Exchange cylinder head manufacturer Since 1989, PAC has a large catalogue of cylinder heads available for sale, as well as new cylinder heads and their spare parts.

At the same time as its exchange cylinder head manufacturing business, PAC has developed a tailored service range for the repair of all types of cylinder heads regardless of the vehicle or engine.

Based on its know-how of the cylinder head and its means of production (CNC machining, aluminium welding...), PAC also offers a processing service, preparation or cylinder heads prototyping; for competition, research or development.

In addition to these three trades, PAC has developed two complementary services: the Aluminum welding and the precision Mechanics ; for the repair, the manufacturing or various mechanical parts rototyping .

Automotive manufacturer, industrial, engine or other mechanical parts manufacturer, distributor or wholesaler in spare parts, fleet manager, rectifier or remanufacturer of engines, mechanic, racing tuner, club, association or individual... we will be able to accompany you around our trades and services.

PAC has been active for over 30 years!


More than 150 000 cylinder heads already rebuilt, a wide range of exchange, new cylinder heads and spare parts, repair, preparation, prototyping or production services for all types of vehicles and engines

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PAC, specialized in aluminium welding

Stemming from our experience of more than 30 years in cylinder head remanufacturing, we have extended our expertise in aluminium welding to the remanufacturing, repair or modification of all kinds of aluminium parts (housings, flanges, blocks...) for all types of automotive, industrial or other equipment.



We also put at your disposal our know-how and all our technical means of precision mechanics for the manufacture of small series or single cylinder head for competition, research or development.

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Quality and responsiveness for our customers. For almost 10 years, our global process has been based on the ISO approach to ensure traceability and quality at the best level.

To best accompany our industrial and professional customers, we have also put in place a complete suite of digital tools to ensure effective traceability and communication, and to respond to all the complex machining requests: ERP, client Web portal, CAD and CAM.

In connection with this solution we have a park of CNC machining centers for high precision or repetitive work and conventional machining means for more responsiveness and flexibility.

Welding means, but also for assembly, cleaning... complete our workshop. You will find all the details in the section "Services".

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