The principle of the exchange, which is widely used in the automobile, is to remanufactrue used cylinder heads in our factory in order to renovate the durable part of the cylinder head and to replace the worn elements. The objective is to return the cylinder head to the level of the manufacturer's recommendations as for a new cylinder head.

Once a cylinder head is "refurbished", it is stored to be sold to our customers. When a buyer orders a exchange cylinder head, we ship the part in stock to him as soon as possible. Once the exchange cylinder head is installed on the engine, the purchaser can quietly resend us his used cylinder head which will in turn be remanufactrued to be resold to another customer.

New cylinder heads and spare parts:
In addition to our range of exchange cylinder heads, we have a complete catalog of new cylinder heads and all the spare parts connected to the cylinder head (cylinder head gasket, running bag, valves, springs...).

The advantages of the exchange

  • Exchange parts offer a quality almost equivalent of new parts, for a price 30 to 40% lower
  • The customer immediately receives his exchange cylinder head, and can slowly return his worn cylinder head afterwards.
  • The organisation of the transport of the renovated cylinder head, but also of the worn cylinder head, is organised at 100% by PAC.
  • It is a controlled, renovated and guaranteed product, unlike a second hand part.
  • You buy a product "Made in France" by favoring a short circuit, opposite the new cylinder heads imported from Asia.
  • The ecological impact of the exchange is real since the returned cylinder heads are reconditioned or recycled.
  • The law (in France) requires garage owners, since January 1, 2017, to suggest quotes including spare parts "used" to their customers. Exchange cylinder heads are part of these products

Warranty One year

Just like new parts, our exchange cylinder heads are guaranteed 1 year unlimited mileage. This warranty covers parts and labor.

The cylinder Heads Exchange PAC

We have a complete range of exchange cylinder heads for individual and utility vehicles of all brands. Find here the list of our proposed references.

List of references

The best value for money

The exchange cylinder head is a very interesting compromise in the face of a used cylinder head with an uncertain level of quality and a new cylinder head at a substantial price.

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