Our know-how of the cylinder head but also of welding and precision mechanics allows us to respond to
your needs forprototyping or manufacturing of cylinder heads in small batches.

single piece or series of 100 Pieces and more; for fundamental research , development of new engines,
modification, transformation or preparation of existing parts for the competition or other, we will know how to
bring you the personalizedservice you need.

Machining, welding, dismantling/assembling, adjustment, testing, dimensional control, impregnation...
on new or used parts.

The non-extally list of what we can achieve for you

  • Prototyping - Instrumentation: Modifying the shape of a combustion chamber by adding material and machining, making and laying of sheaths for a probe or sensor, dismantling/cleaning/inscpection after testing... are some examples of projects that we master.
  • Transformation or preparation of cylinder heads: modification of the volume of a combustion chamber for the installation of forged pistons, fitting of valves or special seats, work on conduits...
  • Production of a batch of new cylinder heads or exchange: Machining of foundry crudes, installation of seats, guides and other elements, under-pressure and dimensional control, assembly of sub-assemblies... for a single or regular production.
  • Reverse engineering: We are currently developing means of digitisation and reconstruction in order to go even further...

Responsiveness, quality and discretion

The guarantee of precision and repeatable work with our fleet of numerically controlled machining machines combined with a computer aided design and manufacturing solution and Mitutoyo measurement methods. We have been working together with major industrialists in the automotive industry for nearly 30 years on production and development projects.

The means at your disposal

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Our infrastructure

Explain us your project

OEM, engine or cylinder heads amufacturer, engine specialist of a brand or model, research center, racing tuner, passionate... contact us for more details on our services dedicated to prototyping, manufacturing or preparation.

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