We perform repair or reconstruction of all types of cylinder heads, aluminium or cast iron, from 1 to 6 cylinders, from 30cm3 to 12 000cm3, 2 time or 4 strokes, for all types of vehicles and engines regardless of age.

We can rebuild your cylinder head from A to Z according to the manufacturer's data or more simply control or repair it according to your needs: test, rectification, change of valves or seats...

Find at the bottom of this page the ranges of vehicles and engines for which we are specialized, and the services that we can offer you for each type of vehicle.

Our specialty: repair of cracked aluminum cylinder heads, "leaky", hammered or oxidized

Our experience of over 30 years in the reconstruction of exchange cylinder heads for some car manufacturers has allowed us to develop a reliable industrial process for repairing cracked aluminum cylinder heads, "leaky", hammered or Oxidized.

Your cylinder head is damaged following:
» Overheating that caused leaks in your cylinder head
» a breakdown of timing belt and the sealing plane or combustion chambers were hammered by the valves
» The use of a ' bad ' cooling liquid or oxidation problems

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Dismantling, assembly and adjustment

We are able to change all the elements and accessories of the cylinder head:

- Valves replacement
- Springs replacement
- Replacement of valve guides
- Replacement of valve seats
- Replacement of pellets
– Replacement of pre-combustion chamber

We can carry out the dismantling, reassembling and complete adjustment of your cylinder head.


We can help you make a complete diagnosis of the state of your cylinder head:

– Test: To check the failure/leak of the cylinder head cooling system
– Measurement of the sealing plane: which consists of measuring the cylinder head in order to check the possible deformation of the sealing plane (e.g. overheating)
– Valve sealing: To check the correct sealing of the valves, ideal for detecting the cause of a problem of compression loss of a cylinder
– Geometric control of the different parts: we have a wide range of measuring tools, including a numerically controlled three-dimensional measuring machine that allows us to control the good dimensional state of any part (for example a valve to ensure that it is not distorted).


We are able to achieve all possible rectification on a cylinder head:

- flat grinding of the gasket plane
– Rectification of valve seats
- Valve rectification
- Machining and grinding of guides

Our conventional or numerically controlled precision machining means allow us to perform all kinds of grinding or machining work for any area or parts of the cylinder head.

Specific repairs and cleaning

We also perform all other "rescue" work such as:

– Extraction of spark plug, injectors, screws...
– Repair of damaged threads: installation of inserts or recovering by welding/machining
– Retouching/machining of deteriorated surfaces

We also have many means of cleaning: Sandblasting, "Acid" bath, browning...

Warranty 1yr

Our work is guaranteed 1 year parts and labor unlimited mileage

Why not opt for a exchange cylinder head

Find here the complete catalogue of exchange cylinder heads we have, as well as the non-exhaustive list of cylinder head models that we can repair.

For example, you can opt for the refurbishing of your cylinder head under the same conditions as a exchange cylinder head. Browse our catalogue and ask for a quotation for your cylinder head.
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A custom Service

Because each cylinder head is different, and because each customer has specific needs, we offer you a tailor-made accompaniment for all your cylinder head repair work.

Discover below our services dedicated to your type of vehicle and the projects we have already made.
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