PAC is also specialized for all precision mechanics works. We put at your disposal our know-how and all our technical means (machining centers with numerical and conventional controls, tools of CAD/CAM, metrology...) for the manufacture of small series or of unique mechanical parts whatever the material.

We also have a network of local and national partners to deal with any project that may include a need for thermal or surface treatment, large-scale or cylindrical plane grinding, mechanical parts sizing or other specific needs.


Expert of the cylinder head but not that...

  • Manufacture of custom made mechanical parts
  • Repair or remanufacturing of aluminium parts

Machining, welding, assembling... are just examples of processes that we can implement for the manufacture of a single piece, as well as the production of small series of mechanical parts.

We also have a solid experience in the repair or remanufacturing of various aluminium parts (housings, flanges, blocks...) for all types of automotive, industrial or other equipment.


  • CNC Machining Centers 3 - Capacity 1100 * 600 * 400mm
  • 4 axes machining centre with palletized carousel
  • Conventional milling machines and lathes
  • Metrology room with CN three-dimensional measuring machine
  • Cleaning unit: Aero-scrub cabin, "acid" bath, browning...
  • Welding unit for all types of aluminium parts
  • Dismantling/Assembly equipments: Presses, oven...
  • CAD/CAM Digital means
Cylinder heads ref.