Unique and valuable know-how, for precision work: prototyping, processing, manufacturing or repair.

Our aluminium welding capabilities are mainly dedicated to the repair and reconstruction of cylinder heads. More than 100 000 cracked, hammered or oxidized cylinder heads have already passed through our factory to be renovated.

In parallel to this activity, and under the impulse of our partners, we have extended this welding service for repair or renovation of various mechanical parts.

Finally, we offer to our customers precision welding work for the assembly of sub-assemblies for example or the modification of cylinder heads for competition or development.


More than 30 years of expertise in aluminium welding, acquired in collaboration with a car manufacturer.

First exclusively applied to the manufacture of exchange cylinder heads, the aluminium welding gradually allowed us to accompany our industrial customers in their problems of renovation of mechanical parts in aluminium such as the gearboxes housings, differentials and other flanges.

Then more recently, we have extended this process further to the modification of cylinder heads and other automotive parts for the production of prototypes or engine preparation for the competition.

Our solutions at your service

  • Repair of cracked, hammered or oxidized cylinder heads
  • Creation or transformation of aluminium parts for prototyping
  • Reconstruction of various mechanical parts in aluminium
  • Preparation of cylinder heads for the competition
  • Modification or assembly of aluminium parts
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